Marvel Bounding – Captain America and Spider-Man

By | January 12, 2018

In about a week I’ll be sailing away with Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Magic, and I’m super excited to experience their new event, Marvel Day at Sea! I’m a big fan of the Marvel films, and to get into the spirit of Marvel Day at Sea, I’m going to try something new during the cruise: Marvel Bounding!

Marvel Bounding is a Marvel-inspired version of Disney Bounding – but what is it exactly? Disney Bounding is using everyday clothing items, things that you could normally find in your closet, to dress taking inspiration from a Disney character – or in this case, a Marvel character. Basically you’re dressing up as your favorite character, but using contemporary, everyday clothes. It’s a fun way to show your love of the characters without dressing in full costume. Rather than going for costume-y items, Disney Bounding focuses on color combinations of items and use of accessories to give off the vibe of the chosen character. If you’re still not quite able to visualize what Disney Bounding would be like, then stop on by where it all started:

For my upcoming adventure with Disney Cruise Line on Marvel Day at Sea, I wanted to delve into some bounding inspired by my favorite Marvel characters! After looking through my own closet and a few thrift store visits, I’ve put together several Marvel Bounding outfits to wear throughout my cruise. Since Marvel Bounding is meant to use everyday clothing, I tried to make mine as budget-friendly as possible by using plenty of items from my own closet and searching for other items at local thrift stores.

While there are some events that guests may want to dress up for on a cruise, most of Disney Cruise Line’s dress code is “cruise casual” – so, my first couple of Marvel Bounds are exactly that. That’s another nice things about bounding – since you’re putting the outfit together, you can make it as casual or dressy as you want depending on what the outfit is for.

Captain America


marvel boundingmarvel bounding

Star-Spangled Tank Top – $2 at local thrift store

Dark Denim Top – already owned

Denim Shorts – already owned

marvel bounding

Star-Spangled Bandana – already owned (I’m planning to use it as a hair tie)

marvel bounding

Red Flats – $6 from Walmart


marvel bounding

Captain America Shield Necklace – already owned

Captain America Shield Earrings – already owned (they were $15 at a comic-con booth)



marvel bounding

Red Top – $1.75 at a local thrift store

Denim Shorts – already owned

Red Flats – $6 from Walmart (the same red flats from my Captain America Marvel Bound)


marvel bounding

Spider Web Bracelet – already owned

Spider-Man Necklace – already owned


Putting together these Marvel Bound outfits has been a ton of fun, and I still have several more to share! Be sure to also follow along when I set sail with the Disney Magic next weekend!

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