Nerdy Disney World: Animal Kingdom Easter Eggs

By | April 18, 2017

It’s the season for Easter eggs – and by Easter eggs, I mean hidden references and secrets that are always so exciting to find. Walt Disney World is such a great place for nerds looking for layers of detail and story, and Animal Kingdom is no different. Here are some of my favorite Animal Kingdom Easter eggs.

Nerdy Disney World: Animal Kingdom Easter EggsWhile she is often listed on the schedule, many guests don’t know about DiVine, an amazing performer that blends into the surrounding foliage of the park. She glides along the path near the park entrance or on the path between Africa and Asia several times daily.

On the sign in front of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you may notice that there is a dragon amongst the parade of animals underneath the text. This is in reference to a planned area for the park that never came to fruition called Beastly Kingdom, which would have featured fantasy creatures.

Tree of Life Animal KingdomThe Tree of Life is one of the best in-plain-sight secrets of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with hundreds of different animal forms appearing in the trunk and roots of the tree. There are paths around the tree that you can walk to see some of these close up.

The queue for Expedition Everest has far too many details to list. You’ll want to pay attention as you walk through, because the story built up in that queue is incredible.

IMG_7116In the queue near the loading area for DINOSAUR, you’ll see three pipes – one yellow, one white, and one red – with a chemical formula written on each. These are the formulas for ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

In DinoLand USA, you’ll find a sign along the paved street that says Route 498. This is a reference to when Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in April 1998.


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