Should I Take a Disney Cruise: An FAQ

By | January 4, 2018

If you’re on the fence about cruising for the first time, and there are probably some questions you’ve asked yourself: Should I take a Disney cruise? Would I enjoy it? Would it be worth it? If you’ve thought about these questions, this FAQ takes on some of the most common questions I get about cruising with Disney Cruise Line.

Should I Take a Disney Cruise?

Will there be enough to do?

This was one of my initial concerns when I first entertained the idea of taking a cruise, and was a bit bored on the first cruise I took with another line years ago. My issue on my first 3-night Disney cruise was, on the contrary, that I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. Between all the character meets, shows, daily crafts and activities, taking rides on the Aquaduck, and everything else, I didn’t have quite enough time to do all I wanted to do – and that was when we weren’t even in port! There are so many onboard experiences, not to mention all of the amazing destinations that you can visit on a cruise as well.

Should I Take a Disney Cruise?For those that are used to the theme parks, where there’s a big emphasis on getting up early and taking in lots of attractions, it can seem like a cruise would be boring. While a cruise does not have the rides of the theme parks, and while you can definitely take a cruise at a more relaxed pace, you certainly don’t have to – we didn’t run out of things to do. And, if you do have someone in your family that prefers to lounge on vacation, then a Disney cruise is a great way to provide something for everyone.

What’s included on a cruise?

Your cruise fare includes a lot more than just your accommodations, and includes many things that would end up being an extra cost for a land vacation. Dining, including main dining rooms, buffet, poolside snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, and more, are included, as well as nearly all onboard activities, evening entertainment, kids’ clubs, deck parties, and of course your accommodations. Items that cost extra include some specialty dining and alcoholic beverages, excursions, spa treatments, and gratuities.

Aren’t cruises a fancy affair where I need to dress up for dinner?

While cruises were traditionally a more dressy affair, and some cruise lines still are, Disney Cruise Line mostly observes a ‘cruise casual’ dress code for their dining rooms. Effectively this means that the only things you can’t wear to dinner are swim wear and tank tops. On longer cruises there are some designated formal or semi-formal nights where guests who enjoy dressing up are welcome to do so, but dressing up is not required. There are a couple of places, such as the adults-only restaurants Palo and Remy, that have a more stringent dress code.

I get motion sickness – is a cruise right for me?

Motion sickness is definitely a concern on cruises, as the motion of the ship can aggravate motion sickness. I do get motion sick at times, but have still been able to enjoy cruises. For most days at sea I only sometimes felt the motion of the ship, although it can be felt occasionally in rough patches. There are a number of things that can help deal with motion sickness, such as various remedies and stateroom type and location. If you suffer from motion sickness it is definitely something to consider when you think about going on a cruise, but it doesn’t mean that a cruise is out of the question.

We’re traveling just with adults – won’t there be way too many kids on a Disney cruise?

disney cruise

Adults-Only Pool on the Disney Dream

While Disney cruises are popular with families and you will see many families on Disney cruises, this isn’t terribly different from most cruise lines with the exception of specifically adults-only lines. The great thing about Disney Cruise Line for adults is that they have plenty of adults-only spaces so that couples and adults traveling together can have plenty of kid-free time on the ships. There’s an adults-only pool deck with a bar and café, an adults-only lounge and night club district, and at least one adults-only restaurant depending on the ship. On Disney’s private Bahamian island, Castaway Cay, there’s also an adults-only beach, Serenity Bay.

I like the Disney theme parks – will the cruise feel ‘Disney’ enough to me?

If you’re used to the theme parks where Disney theming and detail is included around every corner, you may be wondering if it’s possible that a cruise ship could meet that same level – and I have to say that Disney Cruise Line definitely does. The ships are beautiful, with plenty of gorgeous Disney touches, hidden Mickeys, artwork, and details throughout the ship. The restaurants, common spaces, and staterooms are beautifully themed, so you definitely know you are on a Disney ship. And, Disney Cruise Line also maintains the amazing service that Disney is famous for.

disney cruisedisney cruise2017-09-24 17.19.32All of the activities include the wonderful touches you’ve likely come to expect from Disney if you’ve experienced their parks. You can meet favorite Disney characters, learn how to draw some favorite characters, kids have fun Disney-themed kids activities in their dedicated club areas, and the nighttime shows feature plenty of Disney magic.

Also if you’re a nerd like me and a fan of the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel, you can indulge in a day-long celebration on select sailings including Star Wars Day at Sea and Marvel Day at Sea.

I’ve never cruised before but I want to try it – where do I start?

For first-time cruisers, one of the best things you can do is to contact a travel planner who is experienced with cruising, especially with Disney Cruise Line, so that they can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way. When you book with me as your travel planner, you’ll pay the same as what you would booking directly, but benefit from all of my additional assistance, insider tips, and more.

A cruise may not be the right vacation for everyone, as everyone is different and wants different things out of their vacation – however, if you’re wondering ‘should I take a Disney cruise’ and your sole reason for not trying a Disney cruise is because you feel like you ‘may not be a cruise person’, I thought exactly the same way – up until I took my first Disney cruise.

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